Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hammer devlog 02

note: this has been migrated from elsewhere, and formatting may be a bit wonky

I have a thing now. It takes a while to load.

This thing is:

a shitty placeholder character walking and/or rolling around a featureless void while shitty placeholder BGM plays. There is a box in the void. If you try to walk through the box, you will not walk through the box.

The code is kinda terrifying right now, but I've done like two hours of actual programming here, so, y'know, whatever. Most of the time was spent doing the assets, setting up Unity project settings, and putting the state machine & animations together.

Input handling is serviceable, and while the roll's likely to change once you actually have shit to dodge with it, at the moment I've gotten that to handle in a way that I actually do quite like. Try playing around with it - you have a lot of control over the distance and heading of the dodge just using WASD, and there's a satisfying transition from walking speed > dead stop > rolling speed.

The problem here is, of course, the roll whiff ending lag. I wanted punishing, but, uh, I really think I overdid it there. It feels sluggish and horrible even before there's anything to pressure you - even simple enemies will make that penalty completely gamebreaking. So that's gonna need more than a little bit of adjustment.

Next steps: Guess I'm going to have to think some more about combat! Need to get some sort of player gun up and running and implement a basic test enemy. You shoot it, it shoots you, everybody's happy and/or bleeding. Probably gonna be another design dump before anything playable, of course - I don't really understand those systems well enough to do something useful with them yet.

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