Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hammer devlog 05

note: this has been migrated from elsewhere, and formatting may be a bit wonky


Testing a very rudimentary enemy AI. There's no real hit handling yet, (although bullets can collide with scenery) but things are at least starting to come together.

These little ghosty guys are really obnoxious, but they're obnoxious in exactly the way they're supposed to be. They fly around the screen unpredictably, moving through walls with impunity, and (so long as they're not within a wall) they fire on you at frequent irregular intervals.

Also, they know where your reticle is and they'll run from that shit, forcing you to aim indirectly. Which is fun, because it gives you two choices: aiming past them gives you more control, but it leaves you open, and they're going to come in closer. Aiming in front of them gives you a lot less control of your firing trajectory, but keeping your reticle close keeps them away, so they don't charge in.

There's still only one player weapon, which is this weenie gun.

If I were doing something other than very preliminary test work here, I would probably not put five of these fuckers in one room at a time when you only have the weenie gun.

also, playing with some really shitty collision code for enemies - yeah, the variable ending lag on the roll is one of those ideas that's cool on paper but feels like trash ingame. Just pulled that. Given the intensity of combat and the tiny playfield, that extra layer of lag is completely unnecessary - there's never a time when you can just keep ROLLIN' ROLLIN' ROLLIN' COME ON because space is way too precious and even the minuscule startup lag on your dodges is more than enough to dis-incentivize button mashing.

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