Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hammer devlog 06

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Bullet graze rewards are a fun concept, actually, and I might play with that some. Creates an alternative means of recovering energy within firefights, which is great in itself, because if I can get that system working it lets me do much more dynamic boss fights without necessarily being constrained by the requirement that they spawn trash mobs in periodically so you can keep firing.

In practice, I will note that I'm not sure encouraging long chains will be workable given the limited screen size? Seems like the system would accomplish a similar goal while more reliably being something the player could put to work for them if you tie a small immediate bonus to an invisible multiplier that increases each time you graze a bullet, but degrades quickly over time (as in: 5 seconds, it's back to zero) and resets immediately if you get hit or change screens.

Also makes more sense from a UI point-of-view, probably. I've got four shades of gray and 23040 pixels to work with, meaning that it's hard to find screen space for an extra UI element - but if I immediately release energy into the bar, that's an effectively free way to provide immediate visual feedback that reinforces "yo, nice work what with the dodges and shit, yo." First you get 1px on the bar, which is nice but not really enough to do much of anything, but as you keep dodging, you get exponentially more added to that bar, and (with a snazzy sound effect for each addition, of course) you can get a lot out of that!

But things generally hit hard enough that, since getting these bonuses requires you to purposefully occupy less safe areas of the screen, it's very easy to lose everything you've gained in one or two hits, if you don't know how to manage that risk.

Larger hitbox (the grazebox) surrounds your main hitbox.

For extra fun: the grazebox also exists while standing still, allowing for some crazy Hail Mary shit where you can get substantial (more than a few multiplier levels for free) graze bonuses by positioning yourself just right and then not dodging. But if your spacing is off at all, you just take the hit. So it becomes a high-risk/high-reward strategy that you can use to turn the tables in your favor when things are bad, but which screws you over even worse if you misjudge anything.

Anyway, though!


Pulled some things together. Proper hit detection for player and enemies. The enemies don't actually have a proper death animation, but you can shoot them, and they'll lose HP, and they'll die. You won't lose HP because the energy system doesn't actually exist yet, but if they hit you they will wound your pride.

Shooting is looking much better; it's still nothing I'm happy with, but it definitely feels a lot snappier and more fun. The weenie gun is still markedly weenie without feeling as utterly useless as it did before, and now there's this shotgun, which fires a huge cloud of shit that hurts like a motherfucker, but roots you in place until it finishes its long-ass cooldown time. Both of these weapons, of course, currently share a lack of satisfactory visual cues, which is something that will happen when I get some placeholder weapon-specific graphics in. Like, that shotgun would feel a lot nicer if it had a beefy recoil animation for after you fire, I think.

Not visible: they do have different firing sound effects. The shotgun's is this really nice white-noise blast; it still feels kinda janky in gameplay, but it's not quite as bleh as in the gif just because it sounds weighty and impactful, even if it doesn't really look it.

I guess the next step is to turn this into something at least resembling a game, then? Which means I need to get the energy system and screen scrolling working. I also want to get the aforementioned weapon-specific firing animations, a death animation for these enemies, and on-hit knockback for everything.

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