Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hammer devlog 07

note: this has been migrated from elsewhere, and formatting may be a bit wonky


HUD isn't doing anything yet, but the energy system is in place. The shotgun won't fire if you don't have 5% to spend on it, and at zero energy you die. You can see a death at the end of the gif here - no real handling of it (the game continues, you're just dead - the most realistic death system ever) but you run out of energy and your controls lock while you enter the death animation.

Which is just the stand animation, but I can do a death anim later on. Point is: you're dead, you can't do shit, woo.

Also, it's probably really obvious here that the enemies came before the shooting, because, man, the fact that these are basically Keese With Guns (as befitting the whole Zelda With Guns thing, I guess) makes trying to pick them off with the two weapons that exist right now a serious pain. I mean, there should be some weapons eventually that are equipped for handling things like these (homing properties or piercing shots would make them much more manageable, I think) but this shotgun is not among those.

Anyway, screen scrolling. It's a thing! I'm also going to get a smooth-scrolling multi-screen room mode together later on, but at the moment the primary focus is combat scenarios, so given how integral the small playfields are to the way I want combat to work here, the larger-playfield mode isn't really that important. It might be used in a few bosses, but mostly it'd be for puzzle rooms, towns, and other areas where combat is purposefully a minimal presence if it exists at all.

Before any real combat tuning happens: I really have to get a working energy bar in place. Watching a variable in the inspector to tell how much health/ammo you have left is, uh, not acceptable.

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