Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hammer devlog 13

Trying to keep providing updates at a decent clip, even if I don't feel too great about the content in question! But it works, which is what matters at this stage.


So, this is really shitty - it's not a dynamic fight at all, and the boss should really move to track you with its standard shots - but it's recognizably a boss fight with its own mechanics. Dude sits still and shits bullets until he decides to try to run you down, then covers his ass during the vulnerable period after he finishes those shadow charges by summoning that crazy arrow-rain attack. You need to look at the layout of the projectiles and your screen position quickly to find a safe firing position during that brief window of opportunity.

There are these eye-things on the floor that'll hurt you if you run into them, and they're making the otherwise-optimal corner positions a whole lot less desirable. You can shoot the eyes to destroy them, and they even count as enemies, so they'll refill your energy - but these are the only energy refills in a very dangerous fight, meaning you have to be smart about when to pick them off.

Not shown: if you pick all four eyes off, the boss starts using the horizontal and vertical arrow rains simultaneously, instead of picking a pattern at random. Don't get greedy!

This is, as mentioned, a shitty boss. This is Bed of Chaos levels of shitty boss!

But it's a boss. Which means I can build the furniture of a boss fight around it. The kind of detailed, in-depth design that'd be required to build a good boss fight isn't happening right now because the mechanical fundamentals aren't solid enough yet - anything I do at this stage is a shitty boss, so this is as good as any.

So my immediate priority is getting things in place for some sort of progression now.

The progression in question is: a key should be dropped in the Fuckton of Ghosts Room, which is required to enter the Shitty Boss Room. Beating the Shitty Boss will result in dropping a third weapon.

Some sort of placeholder inventory menu will allow you to equip the third weapon, and that'll resolve an otherwise-intractable obstacle in the snowy room.

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