Monday, April 25, 2016

Hammer devlog 16


Weapon pickups. Progression!

At the end of this gif, you can also clearly see the new energy regain animation - which is a "fake bullet" that enemies "fire" on death that tracks the player with ludicrous homing properties and heals you on contact whether you're dodging or not. This is a lot more intuitive and nicer-feeling, (Even if you can't really see the graphic against the floor that easily right now...)

Which brings us to the next point: homing bullets. They're in and I've got a neat little setup that gives them a lot of granularity - anything from ludicrous Macross missiles that do hairpin turns in the air to chase their prey to a more subtle aim-assist. I just don't have any visual way to show that off apart from the health whatsit homing right now, sorry!

Overworld textboxes!

With the ability to slice up a block of text of arbitrary length into smaller blocks that can be printed in sequence, and an awareness of where the player is on the screen such that they'll try not to cover that position.

Also, the item pickups now have a textbox and a fanfare and a pose and everything. Which feels a hell of a lot better than "walk into gun to get gun."

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