Monday, May 9, 2016

Hammer devlog 20


This is coming along, I guess.

It's not really as involved or dynamic a fight as I'd like atm; probably going to throw some more attacks into its rotation. And it's not really a fight at all right now, lol - you can't hit it, and its most dangerous attacks (Things What With The Tail) can't hit you. There's a whole second phase that hasn't even been started yet!

It's also really easy to bait it into endlessly rotating back and forth to try to get a lock on you right now. Which doesn't do you that much good, since you have to bait it into opening the gun hatches to hit it, but...

And of course the shitty cheat I'm using here to avoid drawing a bunch of extra art can't stay, because perspective doesn't work that way. Although I guess it's at least upbefucked in the same way that the walls are!

And I'm pretty sure I broke the FPS counter at some point because my slowdown code is definitely kicking in in spots here.

But, hey: this is recognizably a boss fight with, like, dynamics and shit. And it's got a boss battle BGM track! And it's a combat use for a big room, to boot!

Something that's obvious playing with this fight: the double-tap dodge is a really elegant solution on paper that needs to die. I'm testing on a Model M, which admittedly is not a gaming keyboard, but - the travel on the keys is just too great; it makes a double-tap not nearly responsive enough for my purposes. Given the emphasis on mobility that exists here, I'm going to have to bite my tongue and add another control: dodging will involve pressing WASD + LShift. LShift isn't ideal, but I don't want to take your hands off WASD or the mouse, so what can you do?

Well, the other thing you can do: gamepad controls are a priority. I like mouse aiming much better, and I'm building around a free-floating cursor as opposed to a more conventional twin-stick shooter setup, so the stick will always be a bit of a liability - but the fact is that a D-pad or an analog stick to move with would be a pretty massive improvement for this game!

The odd-duck mechanics here have one fun result: there's totally going to be a hybrid control scheme available whenever I get to doing Settings and Shit. Hold the left side of a gamepad with one hand, mouse with the other. Question: would it be unprofessional to have a settings screen describe a control preset as "The recommended control scheme. Warning: this will make you look like a complete asshole."?

I am, no joke, sorely tempted to try and get first-class Wiimote-and-Nunchuk support in here at some point. Not because it would make any kind of commercial sense to do that, lol - just because it's the best control scheme for this game, even if it does involve using third-party drivers to connect a dead peripheral to your PC in a completely unsupported configuration.

I mean, I guess if I was talking about commercial sense that ship sailed approximately five minutes into development, though, because I feel like there's no fucking way that "Link's Awakening but Sin & Punishment and also Dark Souls" could be described as something that has a market.

Also, I kinda get the feeling that any employment benefits of the Github are being destroyed by my commit "descriptions," come to think about it. I'm terrible about those, I know.

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