Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hammer devlog 22

edit: If you look at the gif in this post, you might notice a bug with the reticle! That's already been fixed.
Took a bit of a break because I was wanting a bit of time to digest some design issues.

Result of this was a pretty massive rework of how dodging functions; feels a lot better now, and the code's all pretty to boot. But that's kinda hard to show off!

Tonight, though: much more interesting-looking things were done!


So what you see here is:

- the beginnings of the passive upgrade item system - there are actually two upgrades in play here. One of them is a passive thing that just gives you faster dodge rolls that can cover more ground. The other is the fireball dodge thing that you see here - instead of just dodging safely through things, you're engulfed in flame and fuck up anything that gets in your way.

That being said, that powerup really isn't balanced at all right now, lol. The basic rhythms of combat rely on the idea that you have to burn through your life to do real damage to things; the dodge fireball is an effective offensive option that doesn't consume any energy to use! And it can't be made to consume energy, because the attack is attached to your dodge. It does compromise your spacing, but when you're blasting around the screen in your copious i-frames and murdering shit by charging through like a meteor "compromises spacing" isn't really much of a trade-off. Probably, what I'm going to do is change the behavior of that upgrade so that you only burst into the full, damage-dealing fireball during a very small window within the dodge animation. Make it effective, but really squirrely, and high-risk/high-reward because if your spacing or your timing is off, you're probably gonna wind up in an enemy's hitbox right after your i-frames wear off - so it's less "why even bother with guns" and more a free source of damage during normal maneuvering that can also enable some really bold last-ditch plays if you're in a bad spot.

- gamepad support.

I do not have first-class Wiimote support, although thinking it over I don't think that was a joke, which means I am actually going to make that happen at some point.

This is just XInput gamepads!

I've got a neat new input manager set up, so now I can just refer to specific virtual buttons and let that decide whether I mean keyboard keys, gamepad buttons, or joystick axes.

The cursor is being controlled with the right stick here. It's kinda fucking terrible! Admittedly, the right stick will never really be adequate - this is a floating cursor game as opposed to a twin-stick game; being able to track foes completely independent of your movement is a pillar of the design; that won't and can't change - but even considering that, this could definitely feel a lot better, and it needs to.

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