Monday, June 6, 2016

Hammer devlog 24


Fixed up the shitty shading on those clouds a bit, cleaned up the scrolling code, added the animated FG elements to the title screen, and did a proper title menu.

I dunno what "Extras" is, but I figure I'll probably cram something there.

Exactly one of these options does anything right now, and I'm sure you can guess which one! The others just play a NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT sound effect.

The only way to actually go from title screen to gameplay, at the moment, is by leaving the title menu and hitting the primary fire button to trigger the separate debug start. But I can totally get the submenus in place now!

Although New Game would require actual content development and Continue would require both content and a save system... so, uh, Options is probably gonna be the only thing that works there for a while.

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