Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hammer devlog 28

Took a break from horrible boring menus and behind-the-scenes data management because I was going to put a pair of scissors through my temple if I kept that up. I felt like an application programmer, except I was trying to build my application in Unity and the UI tools were off limits. It was like living a nightmare.

A nightmare I still have to go back to, mind you, because that shit's not nearly done...

Anyway, though:


Ledges! You can hop down them. They make a hoppy sound. For some reason the hoppy sound doesn't show up in the gif, and I can't seem to make it no matter how many times I try. Why does the jiff specification not allow the embedding of hoppy sounds?

Also visible at the end of the gif: I fixed up the way player hit detection works a little bit. Hit anim is nicer, stun is less obnoxious, and you carry more useful i-frames out of a hit.

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