Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hammer devlog 29

I have been very busy today, but mostly because I decided to say "fuck it" with my homegrown input manager, suck it up, and implement the old-ass free version of InControl. There was, in fact, much less headache in dealing with the lack of updates than I'd expected there - literally, the only thing that's come up right now was a single one-line fix. And that'd still compile; it was just a deprecated thing that spat complaints into the console window.

But I did do one more visible thing. It wasn't actually a lot of work - just gluing some things I'd already done together - but cool features that come for free because of good development practices are the best kind of cool features.


Nifty little blizzard effect. Not too overstated, but it doesn't compromise visibility too much and it makes the outdoor areas of this test map (since I'm probably gonna recycle some variation on this tileset when I get to doing actual content) look a lot nicer. The heavy lifting's done by the generic scrolling-layer-looper thing I'd already done; the only new things here are the blizzard graphics and the FX layer thingy that makes sure the scrolling layer is only active if you're in (or entering) an applicable room.

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