Friday, June 24, 2016

Hammer devlog 30


Testing a more feature-complete take on the in-game menus.

The System tab will eventually let you respawn immediately, open the options menu (this is the entire reason that the options menu is decoupled from everything else on the title screen to the extent that it is - I want to be able to prefab it, drop it in, and have it pop up here), exit to title, or quit to desktop, but right now it does exactly none of that.

The gear tab is still very much incomplete - you should notice a bug in this gif!

The weapons tab is nothing new, although that horrible background is gone now, so that's nice.

This is a new font; it's probably not the last font I'm going to try, because I'm not that thrilled. I can get really nice rasterized rendering out of it, but it's not as legible as I'd like.

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