Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hammer devlog 32

Did a lot of behind-the-scenes design stuff over the past few days; feeling much better about that. But that's not what I'm posting!


Finding and utilizing permanent shortcuts that you can open up in the world is a key part of progression in this game. So objects like this rope ladder are probably gonna be pretty commonplace. Obviously, shortcuts shouldn't just amount to "rope ladders errywhere," but in a certain sense anything else is just a fancy version of this ladder anyway.

Also, yes, that's just sitting in the middle of an indoor room. I was initially actually-bothering with room layouts here because I wanted to make sure my tilesets were sufficient to build a level from - now that I know that they are, I'm willing to admit that my strategy, such as it is, is basically just "puke objects all over the floor."

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