Monday, August 15, 2016

Hammer devlog 37

Testing some more art for this tileset. Just a quick video to get some feedback on the how the tiles work in use. No real gameplay - just wandering around that new room. Couple of tiling goofs with the snowdrift up top, but it's a good general idea of how these exterior ruins areas should look.

Also notable: firing the gun that teleports you where your projectile lands in a room that's mostly pit is a bad idea. I'm fine with that behavior - it's silly, but in a "what did you expect" way. The room is nothing but shoot-through walls and pits! Of course that thing's not a good idea!

Tempted to add a background tilemap to this room and write up a parallax scrolling system; I think I like the buildings, but they'd provide a much stronger sense of the depth of the gorge if you had a decent parallax setup going with them. Layered scrolling would break the aesthetic a bit, but I've already got effects going on here that are well outside of what the Game Boy could do - that blizzard is in "probably doable in a demo" territory on GB hardware - and I don't think it would hurt the feel more than the illusion of depth would help.

Speaking of that blizzard: yeah, doesn't really work in this room. There's a snowdrift at one end and some scattered patches elsewhere on the structure, but you've got that wind SFX going and that crazy blizzard flying around. Probably gonna do a light-snow FX layer for rooms like this.



Parallax and a light-snow effect.  

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