Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hammer devlog 38


Some new visual effects: First off: fixed the pop-in that was happening with FX layers.

More notable: the "scanlines." (they're not actually scanlines, but hell if I know what they're called) But, yeah - now there's a neat little screen overlay effect that emulates the line artifacts between the physical pixels on the Game Boy's LCD screen, which makes the low-res pixel art here look a lot more natural. I actually have a script attached to the camera that generates that overlay texture based on the screen resolution, which lets me create these rigid borders between my giant pixels no matter what you're actually rendering at, and successfully creates the illusion of a lower-resolution display. Advantage of going after the Game Boy aesthetic: it's not a CRT, it's just a really shitty LCD, and that's way easier to fake convincingly.

Also visible: there's a subtle color-accumulation motion blur on the main camera now. Just a standard image effect, but it took an embarrassingly long time to calibrate it - goal was to capture just a bit of the authentic ghosting, but without actually doing DMG-001 fuck-this-shit ghosting. Targeting a look more like the Game Boy Pocket or the Game Boy Color - slight ghosting, enough to be perceptible, but not enough to hurt playability. Can't really get the aesthetic to work without the ghosting effect, though - the LCD ghosting creates this gauzy, dreamlike effect, which is a big part of what makes Game Boy games look like Game Boy games.

Also also: an enemy that's nowhere near done.

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