Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tachyon Chase FX devlog 0

Aight, so I've got one monstrously over-scoped project in the pipeline which is... not going to result in money (or, indeed, anything more presentable than a forest of terrifyingly complex code for managing the back-end of the battle system) any time soon.

Thinking it's probably pretty wise to have a sane one on the table, too. That's what this is!

I'm gonna warn you right now: this is A Thing as of, uh, last night. So it's real early. My goal is to iterate rapidly here in order to quickly produce something I can ship, but I'm a frustrating thorough person, so that doesn't mean "whoa look at the rad jiffs I have right this fucking minute." Gonna get some jiffs, though; don't worry about that. They're gonna be rad; they may even be bitchin'.

Instead, this is mostly about putting my thoughts in order so I can start moving forward. So: my goal here is: simple, mechanically-driven action game with a minimal control setup (thus suitable for mobile devices) that'll make a cool portfolio piece and also make me at least a little bit of cash.

So far, so sensible.