Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tachyon Chase FX devlog 1

Heya, sorry about taking a few days for this. Gonna be blunt: I slightly estimated the effort required to get Unity to be bad enough at shading for my purposes.

So, there's not any gameplay here, as such - there aren't even any physics attached to that ship yet - just a brainless controller attached to a garbage pile of geometry that rotates it while rapidly pulling it away from the camera to simulate actual gameplay. There's some method to this madness, though! I knew from the outset that what I was looking to do here - being a very fast, twitch-oriented game - needed to be readable as hell, and part of what I was looking to do with the SuperFX-inspired aesthetic is enable players to very easily read the layout of the pipe ahead of them. The simple, flat-shaded polygons allow you to easily size up each facet of the oncoming track and plan out what you're going to do in advance. Toward that end, getting a gameplay prototype to play well really necessitates I have that lighting model up and running ahead of time.